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      Widespread use of ride sharing services these days brings with it questions of liability and insurance coverage for drivers and passengers.




     When drivers, passengers or pedestrians are injured, or when damages are sustained in a collision, it’s important to know:

  1.  Which parties should have a claim filed against them;
  2.  Which insurance companies must provide coverage for medical bills or damage for pain and suffering;
  3.  The amount of coverage available.

     For ride share drivers there are three possible scenarios that determine the answer to some of these questions.

  • Were you driving before receiving a job?
  • Were you driving after receiving a job but before actual pick up?
  • Were you driving with a passenger?

     Ride share passengers (or pedestrians hit by a ride share vehicle) have their own questions to consider.

  • Do you own your own vehicle?
  • Was it insured?
  • If so, what was your tort selection?

     The answers to these questions will trigger different coverages and different responsibility scenarios.

     If you have been injured in a collision while driving, as a passenger on a ride share, or as a pedestrian, contact us for a free consultation regarding your rights and responsibilities.