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A young child's neck was caught in a subway turnstile, causing brain damage and death. The case was settled with the transit authority and the manufacturer of the turnstile.  

Settlement: $1.9 million

A chair collapsed, causing neck and back injuries. The case was settled with the manufacturer of the chair.

Settlement: $700,000

A head-on collision with a vehicle that crossed the center line on Kelly Drive resulted in bilateral fractured ankles for a teacher. The case was settled. 

Settlement: $950,000

An outside repairman on site at a large chemical company was engulfed in chemical fumes due to the company’s faulty handling of chemical containers. As a result, the repairman suffered a rapid deterioration of his eyesight.

Federal Court jury verdict $1.1 million.

A worker suffered hip and leg injuries while using a forklift to collect wooden pallets at a large store’s yard. The forklift rolled over the worker due to faulty maintenance of the yard and the forklift tires.

State Court jury verdict $1.65 million.

A guest at an amusement park suffered a head injury when a security gate at a game stall unexpectedly rolled down onto her head due to improper maintenance of the gate.  

State Court jury verdict of $1.1 million.